Hi there!

We’re Amber and Kelly, 2 former fat-kids who met in our first year at Brown University and bonded over our love of soft-serve and waffle fries.

Living in New York City after graduating from college, we tried our very best to balance our work, our social lives, and our longing for travel and adventure but it never quite worked out the way we hoped.

We were bored, but lacking the energy to get off the couch. We were fat with no idea of how to eat well or exercise efficiently to make a meaningful change. And we were overwhelmed by the thought of trying to research and implement something that big on our own. But as optimists, we kept clinging to the idea that we would be giving ourselves a serious edge in life if we could ever figure it out.

One day Kelly came home from her wilderness medicine training course in Costa Rica, all excited and inspired by some of the people she had met there. “I found people who are doing just what we want to do” she said “They have regular lives and jobs but they’ve also found a way to pursue adventure and fulfillment in their spare time!”

We had always known that we wanted to be like these people, but in this moment something clicked. It occurred to us that there was never a better time to get our shit together than now. Our own freedom and opportunity were staring us in the face. Pre-marriage, pre-kids, pre-any real obligations we had the time and spare dough to lay down a foundation of awesomeness for the rest of our lives. So we decided it was time to make radical changes in order to achieve the healthy, agile, energetic bodies and brains we so needed and wanted.

Ever the unconventional thinkers, we quickly moved away from mainstream stuff and at some points were trying some seriously whacko things. Raw egg and kefir smoothie anyone? Would you like a side of oysters with those goat kidneys? And how about dinner for breakfast? (otherwise known as dikfast - don’t say that out loud at work).

We did eventually get to where we wanted to go, but via a very long and winding route involving many wrong turns and years of research. Looking back, we see that we always had the motivation and discipline to get there quickly, but what was missing was the roadmap and a trusted guide. So it inspired us to be those things for others. If you’re reading this and you can identify with our struggles a few years ago, you can breathe a sigh of relief. We’re here to help.

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Amber Brown, CPHC

Credentials: Certified Primal Health Coach

Shoe Size: 10

Fave Animal: Sea Cucumber

Secret Talent: Can pick things up with her toes

Personal Theme Song: "I Love the Whole World"

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Kelly Fox MD, WFR

Credentials: Doctor of Medicine, Wilderness First Responder

Height: 5' 6''

Fave Mode of Transportation: Zipline

Guilty Pleasure: Playing ABBA songs on repeat

Wifi Name: FBI-Surveillance-Moose#7