One easy way to incorporate some automation into your life (no coding required!)

We love automation. Saving time on those everyday activities leaves more opportunities for fun, adventure, and accomplishing your goals. One time suck people often forget about is those small tasks that may only take a minute or two but can accumulate quickly.

Enter IFTTT.


IFTTT (pronounced to rhyme with “gift”) stands for “If This, Then That.” Using this free service via app or internet, you can pair internet-enabled devices and services that are IFTTT-compatible (e.g. Alexa, your cell phone, smart devices, Dropbox, etc.) to help automate your more banal tasks.

Here’s how it works. You automate your tasks through what are called applets - think of these as recipes. The formula is: If X, then do Y.

You’ll select the X and Y. For example, if the New York Times publishes an article (X) then send me an email (Y).

Don’t worry if you aren’t feeling particularly creative - there are a bunch of pre-made applets to choose from.

Some Ideas to Get You Started:

  1. If you’re tagged in a Facebook photo, send the image to Dropbox

  2. If it’s raining, send a text or email (probably to you, but you could set it up for anyone)

  3. If it’s 6 pm, send an email or text with the forecasted weather for the next day

  4. If new titles are added to Netflix, send an email

  5. If you send IFTTT a text message with #workout, add a line to a spreadsheet in Google Drive to record and track your sessions

  6. To find your misplaced phone: If you send a tagged email to IFTTT then have IFTTT call your phone

  7. If you receive a new emailed receipt, create a PDF and save it to Dropbox

  8. If you order a product with tracking information, add the information as an event to your calendar

  9. If it’s Monday morning, receive a Pushover (a notification app) reminder to take out the trash (or do some other task)

  10. If it’s a friend’s birthday on Facebook, send them a message

  11. If it’s the morning, unmute the ringer on your Android phone

So take it for a spin. Give it a try. Send us an email at to tell us all the fun things you’re doing with your new-found free time and don’t forget to use some of that to have a free initial consult with us!

Kelly Fox