17 Microadventures: Short, Simple, Local & Cheap Ways to Revitalize Your Life!

  1. Sleep Outside
    You don’t even need to get on a plane or get in the car. Grab a sleeping bag, maybe even a tent, and sleep outside in your yard. Boom, adventure!

  2. Spice Up Date Night
    Skip the expensive fancy restaurant. Instead go for a Date Night hike. Climb a hill and watch shooting stars or make it a Date Morning and watch the sunrise together.

  3. Swim Wild
    We like to play the game “See Something You Want to Swim In? Swim in it” River, sea, lake, you name it!

  4. Check Out Unusual Things to Do at Atlas Obscura
    Atlas Obscura is a comprehensive database of interesting, unique, and sometimes just weird places made by a global community of explorers.

  5. Go for a Bike Ride
    In some places you don’t even need to own a bike. Use the local bike share program to explore new areas of your city or go for a ride through the park.

  6. Have a Rock Hopping Marathon
    Find a local stream and see how far you can make it upstream hopping from rock to rock without your feet getting wet. Or you can also get your feet wet on purpose and go for a quick dip!

  7. Lunchtime Birding
    At lunch time, go to a park and scout out the local wildlife. Listen to the birds singing and try and spy them in their nests.

  8. Hike in the Dark
    It may sound scary but all you need is a headlamp and you’re good to go! The woods look completely different at night and you never have to worry about parking.

  9. Let the Dog Lead
    When going for a walk, let your dog be the leader for once. Maybe he’ll take you somewhere you’ve never been before!

  10. Catch Your Own Dinner
    No, don’t take your fishing pole to the grocery store. For some reason they don’t find that particularly funny. Instead go out to your local fishing hole and catch some fresh fish for dinner!

  11. Wedding Camping
    Weddings can be amazingly fun, but you could make it even more fun and cut your costs at the same time! Instead of staying at a hotel for the duration of the wedding, pitch a tent! I mean, at the very least, you’ll have a great talking point during the reception.

  12. Geocaching
    Geocaches are containers hidden outside all over the world. To find them, you use the Geocaching app and/or a GPS device to navigate to their locations. The caches themselves are fun to find on their own but they also usually contain some sort of small toy, key chain, or trinket, which can be nice if you’re taking little ones with you.

  13. Campfire on the Beach
    I don’t know about you, but just thinking of a campfire on the beach gets me excited - the sound of the waves crashing, the cool summer night. Hold on. I gotta go plan one right now.

  14. Sleep at a Farm
    Or some other unusual place. This is a bit more expensive than the other items on this list, but still an awesome adventure. With the advent of AirBnB there are a whole host of unusual places to stay that are not your usual hotel or bed and breakfast - think treehouses, buses, teepees, and more.

  15. Stay on the Train
    Instead of getting off at your stop, ride to the end of the line and make your way home on foot. Explore!

  16. Travel in a Different Way
    Instead of walking or driving, try a new method of transport - biking, skipping, scooting, or riding a pogo stick.

  17. Get a Bird’s Eye View

    See your city or town from a different angle. Find the highest point and find a way up there. Enjoy!

What are you still doing here?

Get out there and become a microadventurer. Send us an email at info@vibrancyhealthcoaching.com to tell us about your crazy adventures. We love to hear from you!

Kelly Fox