6 Reasons to Eat Local


Save Money

By buying local, in-season produce you are buying at the peak of supply. Furthermore, local produce involves fewer costs related to distribution, transport, and storage, allowing farmers to charge less.


Better Nutrient Profile

With less time between harvesting and eating with minimal distribution and storage, nutrients have less time to degrade in local foods.


Learn Growing Practices

When buying your produce from a local farm, at a farmer’s market, or at a CSA you can speak to the farmer to better understand what pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides (if any) they use.


Environmental Benefits

Supporting local farmers helps preserve local farmland and green space with all of the associated benefits. Furthermore, well-managed farms help preserve our ecosystems by protecting waterways, maintaining fertile soil, and more!


Deeper Flavor

As local producers do not have to ship their produce over hundreds of miles, produce is harvested at the peak of freshness.


Increase Variety

By trying to eat in season, you will experience new fruits and vegetables thereby increasing the diversity of your nutrient intake.


As is true for any health change, be sure not to go overboard. Local produce is great for your health and the local environment, but if you really feel like eating some peaches and they are not in season or you really want some guacamole and you live in New York, there is no reason not to enjoy yourself! As with any health change, the main point here is to be mindful. Try local, in-season produce out. If you love the taste and it is not too much of a burden to obtain - keep getting it! Maybe add some local greens to a lamb burger you are making or throw some local berries in your yogurt.

GroceriesKelly Fox