Imagine eating healthy and loving every minute of it



But you don't have to! Yay!


We've talked before about the benefits of a LCHF-Primal-Paleo way of eating, so maybe you're considering the change. When embarking on a new diet, you might feel the need to prepare yourself mentally for tough times ahead. But we have good news for you. Not only does this new way of eating work, it is easy and delicious! 

Doing unpleasant things for health benefits is a hard-sell long-term.


Oooo that looks fun, hey? Sign me up.

Let's say we tell you that by eating only spinach for a month you would drop 10 pounds. If you are as motivated as we think you are, you will probably consider doing this. Maybe you even try it and it ends up working. But 3 months down the line, you'll be back to eating the same old food and have regained the weight. The same goes with many of the health issues that might have disappeared during your spinach-only fast - they'll most likely come back. 

That's why short-term diets make no sense. In order to have a healthier, happier life long-term, you need to make a lifestyle change, not go on a diet. A diet is something that has an end, it's short term - like going on a vacation - but, with the typical diets, this is going to be a miserable vacation to the desert where you'll probably get desert fever. 

When you've decided to get healthy so you can enjoy life it's a bit silly to make yourself miserable to be healthy, no? 

With the LCHF-Primal-Paleo way of eating you'll feel like you are on a permanent vacation - released from the shackles that ordinary people find themselves stuck in, sometimes not even realizing how much of a slave they are to their poor eating habits.


Escape. Opt out of normal.

You don't have to trudge through life.


Join us in this lifestyle and you'll find: 


My face when I realized I'd been depriving myself of bacon all these years for nothing!

1. You have permission to eat your favorites 

Foods. Not people. Bacon, avocado, fried eggs, roasted sweet potatoes, mayonnaise, cream, cheese. For too long, these and other healthy foods have been villainized. No more! You can even eat slightly altered versions of your real favorites (let's be honest no one's favorite food is a vegetable): pancakes, ice cream, cookies.

2. You feel full

Before going LCHF-Primal-Paleo, when we tried to "eat healthy," we would end up being hungry again an hour or two later. Then it was the seemingly ever-present struggle - should I be "healthy" or be satisfied? Wow, those are terrible memories. All of that guilt was completely unnecessary. With the Primal lifestyle, you will eat until you are full and you will stay full! Nowadays, we're good on just 2 meals a day and no snacks. Sometimes we even only want 1 meal.

Ever wish you didn't have to eat breakfast or lunch because you could be so much more productive if you didn't have to plan the meal, buy the groceries, cook the meal, eat it, and clean up after (or maybe in your case it's just go and find the nearest takeaway restaurant)? Well, now your dreams can come true and you don't even have to feel hungry. Think of all the money you'll also save! You win every way you look at it. 

3. The "rules" are simple and intuitive

There's no calorie counting here. No need to buy special smoothie mixes or supplements or whatever other gimmick the health industry comes up with next to get you to buy something. All you have to do is eat real food until you're full. Then stop. There are some nuances but really that's the main point. Rather than spending your time trying to figure out what and how much of it to eat, you can have more dance parties. You've earned it and you'll finally feel good enough (no bloating here!) and have the energy to show off your sweet dance moves.

4. You're making the world a better place

Sounds like a lie, right? But no, hear us out. If you go whole hog into our lifestyle, you will start eating local produce, pastured meats, and sustainably caught wild seafood. By doing this you are in essence voting with your dollar. Money talks, friends. Supply and demand. You shop at your local farmers' market? This supports local farmers who usually have far more environmentally friendly growing practices than a mass-producer. You only purchase grass-fed beef from farms that raise their cows humanely? More cows will be treated better. If you haven't read the Omnivore's Dilemma give it a read. You'll see how terribly conventionally-raised cows are treated and why buying humanely-raised animal products is important and can have a real impact on the world. 

5. The food tastes good! 

All of the other points are important but honestly nothing is going to stick if it's unpleasant to do. We're all about living a healthy life not plodding through one. We think you will find that this food actually tastes better than what you're used to. When you start living a Primal lifestyle you will be relying more on high quality products which simply taste better. And all of those flavorful components to food that you know and love  - bacon, butter, fat, spices, herbs - they aren't going anywhere! You get to fully embrace all of those mouth-watering tastes! We also have an amazing selection of recipes and cooking tips to help you produce fantastic food even if you are just a beginner - keep an eye out for recipes in our blog, on Facebook, and Instagram.

With this lifestyle you are going to eat like royalty without the hassle of ruling a country. 

Want to start loving the food you eat and not having to worry if what you are enjoying is healthy? Want access to an exclusive list of curated recipes with cooking tips to make every dish a success?

Kelly Fox