What's in Season When?

The health and economic benefits of eating local, in season produce cannot be overstated. Now, of course, there are certain ways to ensure you are getting local, in season produce - for example, getting your vegetables through CSAs or local farmers markets. However, these options are not always the most convenient and sometimes you just want to know what you should be eating.

How do we figure out what’s in season wherever we are?

We use the Seasonal Food Guide.

Simply put in your location, what time of year you are interested in and boom there’s a list of what is currently in season. If you want to know more about a particular fruit or vegetable, just click on it and you will see what months it’s in season in your area. They also have links so you can learn more about preparing, cooking, and even storing those fruits and veggies. It even comes in app form! What more could you ask for?!

GroceriesKelly Fox