It's up to you! 


30 Minutes - 2 Hours


Depends on what you use! 


  • Fat - to sauté your veggies and meat

    • Coconut oil, butter, ghee, avocado oil

  • Base - your liquid component

    • Chicken stock, vegetable broth, beef broth, coconut milk (alone or in combination with another base), tomato paste (this would be used in combination with another base typically)

  • Meat - generally matched with base for consistency of flavor

    • Ground meat, chicken, fish, shrimp

  • Veggies

    • Good places to start and common ones are onion, garlic, carrot, and celery but add whatever you want. Go crazy! Sweet potato, kale, whatever you have in your fridge that’s going to go bad soon.

  • Herbs & Spices

    • Obviously you will probably add salt and pepper but what other flavors spark your fancy?

Tips & Substitutions

  • Spice Ideas:

    • Tomato-based soups: Basil, chives, oregano, parsley, rosemary, and other Italian herbs

    • Stews: Bay leaf (remove before serve)

    • Chilis: Chili powder

    • Potato or onion soup: Dill

    • Chicken: Marjoram, rosemary

    • Mexican: Lime, chili powder

    • Moroccan: Cumin, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, onion, tomato

    • Indian: Curry powder

    • Italian: Garlic, basil

    • French: Thyme, rosemary, marjoram, herbs de Provence

    • Thai: Ginger, scallions, cilantro, lime

  • If you add a bunch of root vegetables to your soup (e.g. pumpkin, sweet potato, squash) feel free to try and blend the soup in your blender or with a stick blender to change the consistency.

  • When do I add my herbs and spices? It depends on what you’re using and what you desire. Regarding what you’re using, if it’s a delicate herb such as basil, cilantro, or mint or a ground spice, generally add it toward the end. We even add our cilantro after everything is off the heat because we like the flavor to be strong. If you are using more hardy herbs like bay leaves or whole spices add those toward the middle or beginning. Regarding what you desire, if you’re looking for flavors to all blend together, add the herb or spice earlier. If you’re looking to get more of the flavor from a particular herb or spice, add it at the end.


  1. In the fat of your choice, sauté your firmer vegetables like onion, carrot, celery and, after those have cooked for 10 minutes or so, add your aromatic ingredients such as garlic. Don't worry about the veggies being soft - we’re going to simmer this thing so, for now, we’re just cooking them a bit to help release the flavors. You want your onion translucent, garlic browned, and carrots and celery slightly softened.

  2. If you want to brown your meat or it's particularly thick, add it now to get it cooking.

  3. Add your base (add coconut milk now only if it is the main liquid), any additional veggies that you don't want a bit crunchier, meat, and spices.

  4. Simmer until meat is fully cooked and vegetables are soft. Depending on the size of your veggies and meat, this can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. If you want some of your veggies a bit crunchier, add them some time during this simmer (the later you add them the crunchier they’ll be). See note above about adding herbs and spices to your soup.

  5. If using coconut milk to add a bit of creaminess at the end as opposed to as the main base of the dish, add it now and mix it all together.

  6. Serve!